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Slot Machines And Broken Cars

Jan had never seen anything quite like this before. She had been traveling through West Virginia on her way North to Massachusetts, when her car had broken down. Now, Jan was a very cultured, educated lady who happened to be a professor at Emory University. Jan had, ironically, been thinking about slot machines when her car broke. She was hoping to spend the weekend playing slot machines with her new boyfriend, and she hoped to win on both fronts. She and Chad had been doing great together lately – and she thought it would be fun to play at the slot machines with him. Little did she know what her slot machines weekend would hold instead.

Surprising Slot Machines

Jan walked the two miles to the nearest gas station to try to get some help for her car. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there appeared a huge casino with slot machines. Jan couldn’t believe her eyes. Here she was at 2:00 in the morning trying to get help with her car. And this casino with slot machines loomed in front of her. Well, Jan figured that she might be able to seek help inside, and maybe someone would even have some slot machines for her to use. Jan was in for a big surprise…




Online Black Jack at 777 Online Casino Slots

The secret to having more fun when you play the slot machines is to get paid to play. Sure, it sounds crazy. …
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Slot Machines and Jackie the Parrot

My Parrot, Jackie, Loves Slot Machines! He Always Wants to Play Slot Machines. …
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My Rocking Mother and Slot Machines

No-one plays slot machines like my mother. My mother rocks when she plays slot machines. …
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Play and Shop: Slot Machines and Wardrobe Expansion

I shop for clothes after playing slot machines. Shopping and slot machines make a great combination. …
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Sleeping Right with Slot Machines

Playing slot machines help me get over my jet lag. I stay awake with slot machines. …
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Elsie Enjoys Herself When She Play Slot Machines

I Play Slot Machines at Elsie’s birthday party. Elsie really loves to Play Slot Machines. …
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