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Slot Machines Heaven

Jan was starting to feel antsy. She had enjoyed her time in this West Virginia casino with slot machines, but she felt that she really needed to get back to the real world. It had all begun the night before when her car had broken down on a deserted road in West Virginia. She had stumbled into the mysterious casino with talking slot machines and hundreds of midgets and had been offered an unusual night. First she had played at the talking slot machines and had won a hefty sum, then they had offered her delicious food and music, and now she was having a massage and manicure. No one, except for the slot machines, had said a word to her yet, and yet they seemed to know exactly what she needed.

Manicures And Slot Machines

Finally, the midgets returned, took Jan past the talking slot machines and out the front door. Jan assumed that they were kicking her out. As relieved as she was on the one hand, she was disappointed to be leaving the talking slot machines. What a wonderful invention the talking slot machines were! Suddenly, Jan saw her perfectly repaired car in front of her. And then, all of a sudden, everything seemed to vanish. Jan was sitting on the road in her car. There was no sign of the midgets, the talking slot machines or the casino around. Jan spent hours driving around, trying to find the haven where she had spent the night – to no avail. It was gone. Had the talking slot machines been a dream? Jan assumed so…until she looked down and saw her perfect, new manicure.




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