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Slot Machines and should they only be for money?

I remember when I was living in Germany and almost every pub had slot machines, though these seemed also to be for money. However, I have an idea for slot machines that I believe everyone would like. What if you could enter any mall or restaurant and find slot machines to play and win. However, these slot machines would not be for money, but whatever the store or mall wanted it to be for.

What if Slot Machines were Everywhere?

For example, you like to eat at Burger King. You enter the Burger King and see the slot machines, now let’s say that every time you buy a complete meal, you get a chance to spin their slot machines and win. These slot machines symbols are all Burger King products and for example, if you spin 3 French fries, you will have a coupon for free fries the next time you go to Burger King. With the same thinking, this could also be used for clothing stores or basically any other company that sells products. I believe that the slot machine marketing idea is a great one and would make it a lot more fun when I need to go shopping, the idea of possibly winning would be enough for customers to keep coming back to that store.




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