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Slot Machines

I Love Slot Machines

Slot machines are so much fun! I can’t even begin to describe how much they rock my world. Slot machines make life a party, and they also are the life of the party when they are around. Why do I love slot machines – well I’ll tell you why! There are just too many darn reasons! Well first of all, slot machines offer a rush that no other games can. No other games have the rush of the pull of the lever and the spin of the slots reel. Only on slot machines can you win millions of dollars in one spin of the wheel. Slot machines are darn amazing I have to tell you.

My Favorite Slot Machines

My love of slot machines started when I was a wee girl. Pops bought me one of the plastic slot machines that shoot out gumballs when you win. Now I love gumballs, so this slot machine game soon became my favorite toy. I played and played with it all day and soon I started to get the hang of the machine and know when it was time for it to pay out. My knack for that slot machine moved to other slots. And darn it – I know when one of my favorite slot machines is going to pay out.

 I Love Slot Machines Stories


Online Black Jack at 777 Online Casino Slots

The secret to having more fun when you play the slot machines is to get paid to play. Sure, it sounds crazy. …
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Slot Machines and the Pixies

I had the most amazing day over the summer – my first Pixies show and a slot machines win. Slot Machines and the Pixies ROCKA MY SOOUUUULLL!! …
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Slot Machines & Lotteries Compared

If you’re intelligent, it’s obvious that slot machines are much more profitable than any lottery. Heck, players of slot machines are now calling it the lootery, not lottery. …
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Slot Machines Wildness

The other day I went to my favorite theme park and played on the slot machines all day long. Yes, instead of going on rides, I played on the slot machines. Crazy, I know! …
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Slot Machines Love

I love slot machines! When I was a wee girl my father bought me one of the state of the art toy slot machines. It became my favorite toy and instilled in me a love of slot machines. …
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Hooray for Online Black Jack!

Online Black Jack Is the Choice of the Blackjack Elite. …
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The Online Black Jack Dimension

You have every opportunity with online black jack! …
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Online Black Jack Is Happy Whichever Way I Go

Online Black Jack does not pressure me to be either sociable or unsociable, it is just there for me however I feel. …
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Online Black Jack And Something For Everyone

Brad made sure there was something for everyone at the deer park. Online black jack, a zip line, and good food and drink made it a great place to be. …
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Want to Make Money Easily? Play Online Black Jack

I felt like I needed to give some of the money I had made from online black jack to charity because I had made so much so easily. …
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Hate Driving? Go to the Casinos

I do not mind driving, now thanks to the casinos. I used to hate driving until I started going to the casinos. …
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Need More Cash? Online Black Jack Here

Charlotte and Dan competed with online black jack but it was okay as there was enough money for them both! …
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What Kind of Life is it Inside the Casinos? Part 3

Anything is possible inside the casinos. Can you find yourself again if you loose yourself inside the casinos? …
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Have a Hairy Boyfriend? Ditch Him for the Casinos

I don t need Michael, now I have the casinos. The casinos are much more fun and far less hairy than Michael ever was! …
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Mega Jackpots? This Online Black Jack

No-one got the kind of jackpots I was getting playing this online black jack. Get great bonuses and more with the best black jack online caisno games….
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Online Black Jack to Cheer Up Jack

Jack was depressed. He knew that right now, only online black jack would make him feel a bit better. …
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Increase Your Chances of Winning with Online Black Jack Tactics

When playing online black jack, tactics do come into the game.If you use online black jack tactics then you have a better chance of winning. …
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Want VIP Treatment? Visit The Best Online Black Jack Site

There is only one best online black jack site and the best online black jack site is the one where I am invited into the VIP lounge for super special treatment. …
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Crazy for Games Slots!

I am crazy over games slots. I fell in love the first time I played games slots! …
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Gambling for Super Bucks??? Play This Online Black Jack Game

Rachel loved her online black jack game because it gave her SUPER BUCKS each time! …
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Want to Improve Odds of Beating the Dealer? Play This Online Black Jack Game

This online black jack game is better than the others because whenever I play it, the odds are I will beat the dealer with this online black jack game. …
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Want Bucks? Play This Casino Online Black Jack

The casino online black jack gives a much better run for your money. I always choose the casino online black jack when I want bucks. …
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