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In Linguistics Slot Machines Is A Modern Phrase

I was learning about linguistics for my course on teaching English, and the phrase slot machines came to my attention. During the discussion on phonemes which are the smallest forms of sound you can find in a word, slot machines were used as an example of how the English language has progressed since the 1800’s. Slot machines in the 1800’s meant two entirely separate things, slots and machines. The two words as one meaning i.e. slot machines only started becoming a known expression in the 1920’s when gambling became one of the prohibited forms of entertainment along with alcohol.

Slot Machines Has 5 Phonemes In It

The phrase ‘slot machines‘ has 5 phonemes in it, which I found quite interesting. The orthographic use of both words still has according to the dictionary two meanings and of course the word slot on its own has a number of different functions with one meaning. So, there you have it, slot machines is a modern word phrase meaning ‘to play the slots on a machine’ and slots meaning ‘to gamble in a game of slots’. Fascinating isn’t it?




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