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The Strangest Slot Machines

Jan stepped into the casino with a bit of hesitation. She had always loved slot machines, and she was sure that she would find some here as well. But, it was 2:00 in the morning and Jan was in West Virginia. Her car had broken down and she was in search of some help. Instead, she had stumbled upon this casino with slot machines. Jan just didn’t know what to make of all of this. She thought she was in the twilight zone…and little did she know how true that was.

Slot Machines Duplication

Everywhere that Jan looked there were slot machines. Sitting in front of each of the slot machines, however, were identical little people. Jan would say that they were children from their size, but she could tell that they were adults from their maturity. There were hundreds of them sitting in front of the slot machines. Each of the slot machines was showing the exact same screen and each of the little people was sitting and acting exactly the same. Jan took in a deep breath. She didn’t know what to do with herself – but she was too intrigued by the slot machines and the people to move.




Online Black Jack at 777 Online Casino Slots

The secret to having more fun when you play the slot machines is to get paid to play. Sure, it sounds crazy. …
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The Disappearance Of The Talking Slot Machines

Jan couldn’t figure out what had happened to the slot machines. One minute she was playing with the slot machines and the next minute she was back in her repaired car. …
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West Virginia Slot Machines – A Whole New World

Jan had arrived at the slot machines because her car had broken down. She had expected to play at the slot machines with her boyfriend this weekend, but instead she was in for a surprise. …
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Slot Machines and Jackie the Parrot

My Parrot, Jackie, Loves Slot Machines! He Always Wants to Play Slot Machines. …
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My Rocking Mother and Slot Machines

No-one plays slot machines like my mother. My mother rocks when she plays slot machines. …
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Play and Shop: Slot Machines and Wardrobe Expansion

I shop for clothes after playing slot machines. Shopping and slot machines make a great combination. …
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