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I play slot machines before shopping

I needed some “me” time. I had been working so hard recently that I decided it was time to do something for myself. I wanted to completely indulge though, not just do a little bit. So I decided I was going to engage in my two favorite activities. I was going to play (at slot machines) and shop (for clothes). I loved doing both these things and was extremely excited for my playing and shopping day. I thought it was going to be a lot of fun. More than that, I did not feel at all guilty because I knew I really deserved it. Then I thought, besides, I may even make some money on the slot machines and then I really don’t have to feel bad about shopping. My first task therefore (on my “me” day) was to play the slot machines.

I made more money than ever on the slot machines

Amazingly, I made more money than I ever would have imagined, playing slot machines. I had such fun with the slot machines and was not trying to make money. My aim was to have fun. Making money from the slot machines was just an added bonus. So I felt really good about spending lots of money shopping – there was no guilt involved, especially after all the money I had made with the slot machines!




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Sleeping Right with Slot Machines

Playing slot machines help me get over my jet lag. I stay awake with slot machines. …
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Elsie Enjoys Herself When She Play Slot Machines

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The Slot Machines Band

“The Slot Machines” is a successful band. Playing slot machines was their favorite thing to do. …
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Outer Space Slot Machines

Henri’s slot machines are destined to be the first slot machines in outer space when the Zander space station is launched this year. …
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Slot Machines to Improve your Shopping Pleasure

This is just my own idea of how slot machines can be used to get more clients. You could play slot machines in most places and have a chance of winning products. …
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