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Go mom, go with slot machines

My mother was such a fun lady. Even when we were growing up everyone wanted to come round to our house as my mom was always a good laugh and a great hostess. Even in her later years (now) she was quite a rave girl. The thing that made her really great though (I think) was her continued desire to learn new things and engage in new activities. She now wanted to play slot machines. She said she had always wanted to play slot machines but had never gotten around to it. Now that we had all moved out and she had extra time, she was planning on playing slot machines. If she had the time, why not check out slot machines? she asked me one day as we chatted on the phone. “You’re right mom. More power to you,” I said, encouragingly. “I think you should play slot machines. More than that, I think you’re going to love slot machines.”

My mother does love slot machines

Like I had predicted and told her, my mother really got in to slot machines. She had such fun on those slot machines she was rocking! She preferred playing slot machines to bridge (she now said that was boring) and encouraged us to come with her to play slot machines too as she was having so much fun. What a rocking mom we had…I was so grateful for her.




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Sleeping Right with Slot Machines

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Elsie Enjoys Herself When She Play Slot Machines

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The Slot Machines Band

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Outer Space Slot Machines

Henri’s slot machines are destined to be the first slot machines in outer space when the Zander space station is launched this year. …
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