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Play Slot Machines is a shop with a little casino in the back

My favorite place, ever, was a small shop called Play Slot Machines. Play Slot Machines was owned by a little old lady who prides herself on the fact that she used to be a showgirl in Reno. She opened Play Slot Machines after she moved to our sleepy little town in Colorado about five years ago. Play Slot Machines had everything that had to do with gaming all crammed into a shop less than 250 square feet. She also made Play Slot Machines into a mini casino as well. Play Slot Machines had three slot machines as well as a few tables in a small room in the back of the shop.

I go to Play Slot Machines once a week

I started to go to Play Slot Machines from the first week it had opened. When I first went into the shop , I wasn’t expecting much of anything. I expected Play Slot Machines to be like the other small town shops that we have. Cute but dull. Play Slot Machines was so much fun from the first moment I went in, that I couldn’t help but return on a weekly basis, just to pick something up, or chat with the owner of Play Slot Machines, or even best to play slot machines. Play Slot Machines made my normal boring life… spicy, henceforth; it is my all time favorite place!




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